The Cosmic Clock (כ)

The Wheel of Fortune is the 26,784 year Precessional Cycle which is the esoteric Cycle of Necessity; each of the 12 alchemical phasal developments must experienced and conquered by the Soul.

The 8 spokes signify the 8 corners of the regular cube, which each meet at the center at an angle of 45⁰. These orthogonal paths extend from the interior outward, or from the corners inward, leading to the Hypercube, a cube which is an 8-cell structure, that is, a cube that is composed of 8 cubes.

Baptism of Fire & Water (ס)

“Who fed you in the wilderness with manna…in order to ענתך test you, by נסתך hardships, only to benefit you in the end—” (Deu 8:16).

Trials of the Soul

The Western Lands (נ)

“Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?” (Isaiah 21:11)

The Soul’s dwelling in the Underworld

The Bondage of Ayin (ע)

“What I see, owllah, עוללה, brings grief, to my soul…” (Lamentations 3:51).

The first of twelve boundaries of the Cube Space is Bondage.

A River Issues Forth From Eden

A River issues forth from Eden—do not read Eden (pleasure, delight)… Instead, read it as: A River issues forth from Iddan (TIME). Here is mentioned the generation of the Cube of Space by secret calculations of the NAME
The NAME is SheMA; Shin (ש) Mem (מ) Aleph (א).

The Central Axis of Consciousness and the Will of the White Sun

The Fool oscillates, vibrates, between the Above and the Below… Here is discussed three principles necessary for understanding the ternary in Unity. The Fool, The Magician, and The High Priestess signify specific modes of consciousness. Secrets are unveiled by the Keys’ pictorial symbolism and the measure of angles giving cycles of time.

What is “the place called DeMuT”?

Brief summary on the Qabalistic concept of DeMuT (form)—the Zoharic cognomen for Ezekiel’s Chariot—and its esoteric plan for the Soul’s journey beginning and ending with DiMethyTryptamine (DMT) in the human vessel.